8 Quinceanera Traditions You Need to Know About

Quinceanera is an ancient tradition that is celebrated with the same zeal and enthusiasm even today. Quince Anos or quinces are other names for this occasion. This is the celebration of a girl to become a woman. And that is why this celebration means a lot of traditions too.

Celebrating Houston Quinceanera

Unlike the American Sweet 16, Quinceanera is traditionally celebrated when the girl becomes fifteen years old. The main root of Quinceanera is Latin America. Originating from Mexico, this is now a celebration that has become popular in the whole world. So, when you are planning the first big party in your daughter’s life, finding the best venue for Houston Quinceanera will be the first thing that you will need to do. There are many banquet halls in Houston that will be the perfect place for celebrating the occasion.

So, after finding the venue, you need to think about the traditions you have to follow. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Catholic Mass

Before the celebration of the party begins, the Quince will have to go to the church for the religious ceremony. The Quinceanera court, her family, and the godparents will be accompanying them while going to the church. The Quince will choose and say the readings. With this ceremony, Bastimal’s promise and commitment to God get renewed.

Quinceanera Traditional Court

Now, when the whole celebration shifts to Quinceanera banquet halls near me, the court of the Quince will follow her. The court is the group of friends she has. The girls in the court are called Damas and the boys will be called chamberlains. The job they all have will be staying with the Quinceanera for the entire day during the church ceremony, the celebration, and till the guests leave. The outfits of the court are generally coordinated. Often there are dance numbers that they present. The costume gets decided depending upon that.

Father Daughter Dance

This is another very popular tradition that is followed by many in Quinceanera. With the father-daughter dance, the event starts. Halls for Quinceanera near me offer the perfect dance floor where the father-daughter duo will dance first. This dance symbolizes that the father is the first man in the girl’s life.

Fiesta Occasion

This is the time in the celebration when guests sit and relax while unwinding. For this, the venue can arrange to play mariachi, the famous Mexican music to make the event more memorable and enjoyable. During this time, the parents can plan a slide show with cute pictures of Quince and share the story of her childhood with the guests. This can be an emotional moment for Quince and the guests as well as the parents.

Quinceanera Toast

The parent or the family member of the Quinceanera will raise a toast for her. This is also another emotional part where they will thank the guests for coming to the event and making it so wonderful and memorable. This is also the time to wish the quince all the best for the journey ahead.

The Waltz

The court of Quinceanera has to present a well-rehearsed dance number in the ceremony. It can happen in the beginning or in the middle of the celebration. If you want to keep the mood perfect for the party, this can be done right after the father-daughter dance.

Cake Cutting

Just like any other occasion, this event will also remain incomplete if there is no cake. The Quince cuts the cake and shares the sweetness of the day with all the guests.

The Last Doll

On this day, the father gives the Quinceanera the last doll which symbolizes that she is all ready for taking her step towards adulthood. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your Quinceanera and make it memorable for everyone.

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